Yoga, Pilates

Summer Transformation Program

With Mariam , Sarah , Nina , Laila , Zag , Jenny and Marwan

Difficulty Beginner - Intermediate
Intensity High
Classes 19
Total Run Time 09h06min


Mariam Bakry

Mariam is our bad ass. She is tough, but don’t be fooled by the names, she has a heart of gold and spreads her love to those around her with laughter and positivity! If you want to take your practice a step further, Miri’s classes will definitely take you there, but at the same time they will teach you to get out of the limitations of the mind, especially when she tells you “this won’t last forever!” If she’s not teaching yoga, she’s being a lovely mummy to Loulou or painting something pretty!

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Sarah Abdelmoneim

Sarah is a radio presenter by day and Yoga instructor all the time, is an absolute force of energy & positivity. She started her yoga journey back in 2016 and finished her 500 Hrs vinyasa and Yin training back in 2018 between Bali & India. A former corporate employee took off to Bali for a year to teach yoga philosophy, meditation, vinyasa, yin & a lot more at Yoga Union teacher training. She helped 100s of teachers graduate to spread the love of yoga in the world. She came back home in 2019 to continue her journey back home and in 2020 launched the first Egyptian Yoga & wellness platform called Sukun Studios. Sarah has held and led many retreats in Egypt & abroad & loves focusing on practices that help you open your body, explore your possibilities, calm your mind & connect with your true self.

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Nina Kabbany

Nina always reminds us to count our blessings and just seeing her smile makes us do exactly that. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and her classes carry the same energy. She is a hardcore traveller and super adventurous; always open for something new and for learning and teaching around the world. Her classes make you feel like you belong and once you try them, you can’t stop.

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Laila M. Farouk

Laila is the sweetest soul and gentlest voice. Don’t be fooled by the sweetness though, that girl will make you sweat! Our Lolla is just a bundle of good vibes and great techniques. When she isn’t doing yoga, she’s either dancing or buying stationery! She will somehow manage to convince you that downdog will be your resting pose.

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Zee Zag

Zag is our first pilates instructor! He’s our movement artist and the expert on knowing how to move every single muscle of your body. In his classes, you will surely understand what it means to feel your body moving and getting stronger. Zag’s background in dance and love for music makes his classes art as they are a sport. The best thing about him though is the unbelievable energy he gives and the insane support he manages to transfer to each and every one of his students. He makes us smile every time he says “now it’s time to cry.”
Body crying, soul flying, that’s what Zag is about!

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Jenny Osman

She is beach, water, blue, sand, sound of waves, and you may know her as “Jenny from Soul.” This is how she makes you feel! Her voice is calming and her energy is soothing. You will get out of her classes feeling refreshed, relaxed, and restored. Jenny is our Yin star, the one that makes you fall in love with Yin and yourself. If she’s not taking care of her beautiful Zayn and Hannah, or the amazing Soul Kitesurfing with her husband, you may find her in the water kitesurfing or in the kitchen cooking a super healthy meal.

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Marwan Samir

Marwan is a 200RYT yoga teacher. His classes make you fly! He will keep you moving from pose to pose, using your core to stabilize your body. His classes will allow you to raise your heartbeat, strengthen your muscles, and burn calories all at once! When he’s not doing yoga, he is flying or helping people how to fly as he is the founder of fly props for yoga props.

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