Yoga Instructor - The Flying One



Arm Balances & Inversions With Marwan , Mariam , Nina , Sarah and Laila Beginner - Intermediate

Looking to work your core, arms & back. This program is focused on building your strength. Building strength aids in building muscles an...

Summer Transformation Program With Mariam , Sarah , Nina , Laila , Zag , Jenny and Marwan Beginner - Intermediate

Look & feel fabulous this summer! Work your body, calm your mind, lift your spirits & shine! This 21 day series will take you throug...

The Unusual Yoga Collection With Sarah , Marwan , Mariam and Laila Beginner - Intermediate

Want to open your mind to different possibilities & explore movement in this unusual collection. These classes are put together for you ...

How to Yoga Series With Sarah , Laila , Nina , Jenny , Mariam and Marwan Beginner

This is for the curious ones, who haven’t tried yoga before; they see the pretty poses, hear the good things but have no clue where to...


Yoga Learn to Elephant Trunk With Marwan
Difficulty Intermediate
Intensity High
Yoga Signature Flow With Marwan
Difficulty Beginner - Intermediate
Intensity Moderate
Yoga Learn to Crow With Marwan
Difficulty Intermediate
Intensity High