You are currently in the studio! we are a virtual platform where we offer all our classes online. The website is our home & where we hold all our classes. Give our classes a shot to try the full experience :).

At the moment:
· Pre – recorded yoga classes with many teachers for all levels & styles.
· Recorded Meditation Podcasts
· Live classes with our teachers.
More things to be added soon!

· Sign up for free to give our Free trial classes a shot
· If you like it , Become a member & get access to all the classes, meditation & live.

Right now we offer one membership that opens full access to all 3 services, soon we are launching other services that can be booked independently.

It’s 29.99 USD/month or 470 EGP.

· You can pay online on our platform through card.
· You can choose to pay at an “accept kiosk” if you live in Egypt. (instructions on website)

We will always have additional classes added periodically.

At the moment, we have 24 classes available. Not including the meditation or the live.

Currently we have 5 available ones.

Right now we are 4 teachers but every month our Sukun family will grow.

All the classes have a level & an explanation.

Soon we will be launching private and semi -private classes where you can book a spot with a certain teacher.

No it is not. It is an additional fee.
* fee to be announced with service launch.

The instructor cannot see you in the live class, you can still leave comments during class but generally, they cannot.

You can do that in the semi & private classes.

Yes, they will be saved for 24 hours.