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Relax & Sleep Collection With Jenny , Sarah , Laila and Nina Beginner

When you find yourself anxious, worried, insomniac; when the mind is racing, the body is aching, we are here for you!
This is a collec...

How to Yoga Series With Sarah , Laila , Nina , Jenny , Mariam and Marwan Beginner

This is for the curious ones, who haven’t tried yoga before; they see the pretty poses, hear the good things but have no clue where to...

Sukun Yin Collection With Jenny and Sarah Beginner

Yin is s a restorative style of yoga where the poses are slow-paced and...

Summer Transformation Program With Mariam , Sarah , Nina , Laila , Zag , Jenny and Marwan Beginner - Intermediate

Look & feel fabulous this summer! Work your body, calm your mind, lift your spirits & shine! This 21 day series will take you throug...


Yoga Reset & Restore Yin With Jenny
Difficulty Beginner
Intensity Low
Yoga Happy Hips Yin With Jenny
Difficulty Beginner
Intensity Moderate