Wed. 22nd to Sat. 25th of May - Hurghada

Healing Waters With Sarah Abdelmoneim & Farida Abushady

Boat Island Hopping Retreat

Water is the element of emotion, the element of healing, the element of feeling. For some, emotions can be scary because they swallow us up, they define who we are and can take over our state of being. For others, they’re not even allowed, they are pushed as far down as possible in the human psyche; far away to protect us from feeling; but is this really a protection?

Join us on a 3 day journey into our emotions, floating on healing waters of the beautiful Red Sea, surrendering into magical starry nights of calmness & stillness. Together we will move, connect, heal, feel, chant, paint, float, swim, meditate, access our deep sub-conscious & re-program our understanding of self to learn how to navigate around our beautiful emotions, the source of what makes us feel alive.

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